Jun 23 2017

New version of Subtitles Viewer – new play button!

Press Play when you “hear the” first dialogue

Thanks to the feedback of Karen Borger for drawing my attention to the problem with the wording of this prompt. It hadn’t occured to me before that this may not be appropriate for the many users of Subtitles Viewer who are deaf or have difficulty hearing. I have updated this prompt, which now reads “Press play with the first dialogue”.

I personally love this feature, as it helps me get the syncing right from the first dialogue. But this still doesn’t go far enough for the deaf community, who may still have difficulty knowing when to start the subtitles – it may not be visually obvious when the first dialogue occurs. So – a second button has been introduced, that now simply allows the user to play the subtitles from the beginning of the program or movie. So hopefully this helps!

I’m interested in everyone’s opinion – what do you think of the change?

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Craig Grummitt
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