Sep 15 2020

Text Pics has launched!

Finally, Text Pics launches today on the App Store! Click here to download Text Pics now! Thanks to everyone who has helped with beta testing, refining the concept etc. For anyone unfamiliar with our latest iOS app:

What is Text Pics?

With Text Pics, you can take a photo of something that contains text – a document, a shopping list or perhaps a restaurant menu, such as this menu for a Chinese Hotpot restaurant:

Text Pics detects and highlights text blocks in the photo:

Text Pics detects text in the photo

Now you have a chance to select which text blocks you’re interested in. (Simply tap on them and they’ll turn green).

I’m going to select the Chinese text to show how this could work on different languages. (Imagine if you were in China and there was no English translation!)

Select the text blocks you’re interested in. (Highlighted in green)

Now’s the exciting part! Tap on the Done button, and BAM! A relevant picture will appear next to all of the text items you have selected!

Pics appear next to the text you selected.

Like to see closer up? Tap on a pic and you’ll get a popup with a larger version. Swipe right and you’ll find five pictures that equally represent this text block.

Tap a pic to zoom in – swipe to see more pics.

Text Pics has many uses, not just restaurant menus – think shopping lists, or technical manuals… Download on the App Store now here, and give it a go yourself. Let us know what uses you have for it, we’d love to hear from you!

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Craig Grummitt
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