Sep 15 2020

Smile Cam has launched!

Smile Cam launches today on the App Store, Interactive Coconut’s second app this week!

What’s Smile Cam? Imagine, you’re on a once in a lifetime holiday with friends, get the group together for that once-in-a-lifetime photo, and then later when you take a good look at the photo, realize that your friend Steve wasn’t smiling. STEVE!!

We all have had that experience, and perhaps know someone who always messes up our photos!

Smile Cam is a camera app with a difference – when you take a photo, Smile Cam analyzes everyone’s faces in the photo, and only when EVERYONE is smiling, will Smile Cam take the photo.

No more frustrations with Steve!

Smile Cam isn’t just good for group photos – it also can be useful for models who are notoriously difficult to capture smiles – BABIES!

Just press the shutter, and wait. Smile Cam is very patient! When baby finally smiles, Smile Cam will take that perfect one-in-a-million shot!

Interested to try Smile Cam? Download Smile Cam for iOS here and enjoy!

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Craig Grummitt
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