Feb 28 2019

New app for writers – beta testing now!

We are currently working on a new and exciting app for writers, called “Writer’s Secret”.

Ever get stuck trying to think of the right word? Maybe this app will be just what you need!

How does it work? 

Writer’s Secret is probably best explained with an example. Imagine you’re writing something about bees, and you wanted to say that all the bees were flying together… What is that word again? You try putting ‘fly’ into Thesaurus – but nope. You can’t find the right word…

This is a job for Writer’s Secret! Tap the word ‘bees’ into Writer’s Secret, and request ‘verbs’ ‘that follow’… Yes! There it is! Swarm!

Writer’s Secret is being beta tested now. Interested in joining the beta? New beta testers are very welcome, and will receive lifetime free access to Writer’s Secret!

Join the Secret Writers group on Facebook for more info.

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Craig Grummitt
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