Text Pics

Imagine – you’re sitting in a restaurant in a country which speaks a language other than English, and suddenly you realize – there’s no English translation, and there’s no pictures. Oh no! Maybe you try translating to English, and it still doesn’t seem to make sense… You give up, and order two dishes at random. Next thing you know you have pig’s intestine and beef tripe sitting in a plate in front of you!


Introducing Text Pics, Interactive Coconut’s new and exciting app.  Take a photo of an image – a restaurant menu, a shopping list, a technical manual – in any language, select the relevant text and Text Pics will display pics that most closely represent the selected text.


No more sitting down to a beef tripe dinner that you weren’t expecting!


Check out Text Pics now, it’s free to download:

Download Text Pics app


p.s. Thanks to everyone who joined the Text Pics beta and gave their invaluable feedback!